The Dining Duo

No one likes a blind date, so you'd probably like to know a little about us.

The Girl - I'm Audrey, a 20-something insurance professional with a lust for life. I have a hard time sitting still and I have a crazy collection of hobbies such as knitting, urban gardening, kayaking, cycling, traveling, and of course going out on dates with The Boy. I think this wears The Boy out most of the time. I'm a native of Massachusetts and one day I plan to have enough money to summer on Cape Cod every year.
The Boy - Michael, an obsessive clean freak who likes to sip martinis and listen to Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra. He has a real passion for music and after playing guitar left-handed for some time, is teaching himself to play right-handed (especially when The Girl has a headache).Not much bothers The Boy, unless it really matters, or The Girl is bouncing off the walls.
Somehow this mix of sloppy energy and laid back OCD works, but nothing worth doing is easy. That's why we have our Friday night dinner dates almost every week. It helps us really appreciate each other and is vital to our communication. Plus, we love to eat.